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Muito bom

Lots of fun!

This game is great! Its lots of fun. This game os fit for all ages.


Good game and Im doing this for the gold


Very cool


Its a really good game but whenever i park it never stops the game just keeps on going although I parked

Plz answer

Ive been got 490 gold and i want to get 500 but i cant why i cant get more even i win my challenge?


Online oynanmıyor ?


Its a great game, but could use some improving.

Fun but

Add the cars from Doctor parking4


The game is fun but the steering wheel is sorta hard for an iPad Pro sports use the gyroscopic wheel thingy and when I turn right it turns left when I turn left I turn right

Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is a cool game but, it has so many ads,that play over and over and it makes you not to play it anymore. But over all I rated it five star.

The parking!!

When you try to park, the car goes fast when you reverse. It should be like a real car, not fast when you reverse. Most games have parking in it, so it is hard to enjoy the game. If you did that I wouldve gave you a 5 star.

best game ever


Kid safe

The game is kid safe so parents dont have to supervise or worry about he game messing up their kids minds


Im not sure if anyone else had this problem but recently I was racing and the game mode was high way. When I was about to reach the finish line it said I was 15 m ahead and eventually said I won but then it switched and said I lost. Also before the race even started the person was 10 m ahead of me. Please fix so this can be fair but the game is amazing and fun.


Allow us to have music playing during the game

A problem

ok the game is fun!! But they should have stop lights and stop sighs. I really love this game but it would be more fun if it had those things. it kinda feels like your really driving with the red lights and the stop sighs. but overall great!


It is so much fun but I think they should add more cars and make different kinds of roads and more challenges to do but I love it


Where the heck is the wheel? This game makes NO sense. You cant steer without a wheel and there is no wheel.


Cant stop to play in this game

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