Dr. Driving App Reviews

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Yes yes yes yes

Its really amazing and good to spending time

Plz answer

Ive been got 490 gold and i want to get 500 but i cant why i cant get more even i win my challenge?


Its kinda hard to drive without a wheel


Graphics are poor, controls are inverted.

A good fun simple game

With no wifi needed and just really simple controls, I really love the game.

To skate

Can you hush up because nobody cares


It is a really fun game❤️


I love this game!!! I think it would be awesome if there was a option to free drive where you can park and go wherever without it blocking you off


A highly inappropriate add came up

This game makes me want to kill people

This game makes me feel so freakin angry.


Not the greatest thing. It runs smooth but just the set up of the game is boring.


This game is the best!!


Muito bom


Its a really good game but whenever i park it never stops the game just keeps on going although I parked

I love this

It is the most best game

Love it

This game is super fun but I wish there is more truck jobs like truck parking but besides that its great


Love the game! All the missions I love!! Awesome Job!!


I love this game but sometimes its hard to complete certain things in the amount of time given so I think there should be an untimed or practice mode. Also, cars should stop when you turn. And lastly, it gets boring and repetitive driving the same roads so maybe add new places like a desert or a normal town.


Really fun and addictive game

Manual Tranmission

This game is awesome but Id love to see stick shift cars get added in

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